‘Consulting’ is no longer enough. Most firms definitely deliver ‘implementation’ steps, but this actually requires very different skills than what is usually done – embarking teams, bypassing obstacles that cannot be anticipated in the analysis phase ... and that may change the initial plan. 

Companies will always need consultants: strategy consultants (to perform global benchmarks), and also regarding subjects of expertise (on specific technologies, functions or sectors). 
What about Situation Management’s positioning within this field? It actually brings a lot of advantages: 
- Efficient with 100% experienced profiles (no hordes of very expensive juniors or « pioupious » as we call them in France) 
- Relevant, gathering all the required expertise within a team project 
- Right cost – daily billing at very competitive rates 
- Combining strategic vision and operational dimensions – the CEO’s DNA 
- Implementation oriented (after all, this is what we are asked to do at the end of the day) 
- Managing local teams – as opposed to classic consultants that have not been trained for this 
- Integrating change management 
- Ensuring sustainability by identifying and training the next leaders of the company 
Situation management has a unique and very promising positioning in the consulting landscape and within an economic environment where adaptation speed and mobilization of teams are more vital than ever.