Thank you, KINT Situation Managers!

In recent months, KINT Managers have shown unwavering commitment to the conduct of their mission. Mostly through telework they have absorbed the increased pressure and adapted their operation to new, disruptive and sudden constraints, while staying the course on their objectives.

Taking over as CEO in a company in difficulty, with video as the only means of communication, holding the line when Covid-19 tragically hits his family, reassuring the shareholder who is in panic, maintaining dialogue with bankers absorbed by other priorities: the ability to adapt very quickly while resisting pressure is one of the main qualities of our managers.

Restructuring: how the crisis is redefining HR needs

Many companies are finding themselves in a restructuring situation today and KINT supports them by selecting the best financial, legal or social relations experts. Within our group of high level specialists, the HRDs can find the new skills they need to cultivate in their own organizations to make them resilient structures. Crisis management changes the HR specifications for all business lines: Financial, HR, Legal, Commercial, Operations, Innovation, Purchasing, etc. 

Our expertise in assessment allows us to work with HRDs on this new skills model, impacting positively on the acquisition and development of talent. Beyond the more technical skills, this new model is organized around four axes: :

  • Speed

In times of crisis, you have to be able to prioritize action in search of the perfect solution ... but avoiding one that risks arriving too late!

  • Humility

To adapt continuously, and react quickly, even anticipate, you have to learn constantly, stay open and in perpetual motion, go and find solutions in the field, as close as possible to the teams, to follow up on diagnoses and collectively imagine solutions. A mastery of agreed patterns, certainties and proven solutions are no longer enough. Be creative.

  • Tenacity

Resistant to stress, the crisis manager does not over-react. He values his failures and learns from them. He builds plans, even organizes in fog and uncertainty. He stays the course.

  • Collective

People are essential to succeed in times of crisis. With enthusiasm and consideration for others, the crisis manager works as a close-knit team, even in a downsizing situation, because managing a crisis is meaningful. because managing a crisis is meaningful.

A look back at KINT's first digital coffee break

KINT launched its first Digital Coffee Break on Friday June 12. It was a good opportunity to meet the whole KINT team and managers from the community. From 5 to 30 minutes to remake the world or decompress, let's stay connected!