KINT, a community business

The value of networking is definitely an interesting subject that individuals are passionate about. Countless articles and books highlight its importance and how to develop it. It appears just as fundamental for a company. Although not found in balance sheets or income statements, networking is a real asset. It is KINT's main asset. As intangible as it is, networking is at the heart of our project. 

Indeed, not only did our network allow KINT’s rapid development in terms of generated activity, speed of execution, and therefore turnover and profitability, but it also adds a lot of pleasure (let's dare the word!) in our daily lives. KINT’s DNA is made of exchanging business views, recommending and referring people, helping each other – guiding children in their career choices for instance, giving professional referral to find a job, discussing common passions, sharing our convictions and commitments. Those ties are not guided by potential short-term benefits. They could not last if they only had a "business" dimension.

At KINT, we definitely do not just manage a P&L, a team, a candidate pool and a customer contact CRM. We cultivate long-term, personalized links with a large number of players in the economy, and more generally in society, in France and abroad (friends and classmates, former colleagues, candidates and clients, administrators and investors, executives and situational managers, research officers, accountants, bankers, State services, restructuring lawyers, outplacers, coaches, various consultants, foreign correspondents, etc.). 

These people are not only part of our ecosystem, but are fully involved in KINT’s project. Together, we build up a real community that allows us to be fast and efficient (there’s nothing like recommendations), that we appreciate, and will enjoy the ties we have for a long time to come. With our network, we build the KINT Community. Our network is our synapses and our supporters.

KINT New Energies

KINT's Renewable Energies division has been very active: we recently led assignments in the hydrogen and wind power fields, in France and in other European countries. Lots of thanks to the above-mentioned network that supported us through this new development, and many more to come!